Half of them are men, although it is a product for women

After two years of development, finally 4shu is ready for the market and is offered to all women who have a problem with damaged driving shoes, just like it I do. When I realized in 2012 that the heels of my shoes were damaged while driving, I looked up for the solution. And I could not find it. I decided to resolve the problem myself. The challenging journey which I then started – now looking back – was exciting, primarily because it was not easy and simple.

The most interesting part were the people I have met along the way with whom I worked on this project – in order to have 4shu looking exactly as it is today.

The other day I put on paper the names of all the experts, colleagues, nice people who gave their valuable contribution to the development of this innovative product. I myself was a little surprised by the seeing the figure of 40 people. Interestingly, half of them are men. Although it is a product for women, and although they generally do not have a problem with damaged shoes.

I would like to say a big thank you and that it was an honor for me to have the opportunity to collaborate with them.

Pink 4shu   A selfie :)     Measurements in the lab Measurements in the lab